31 July 2007

Sub Pop - Lime Lizard

This was a cassette given away free in a music magazine called Lime Lizard (as Kieran corrected me) in 1993. It's a good mix of indie pop and rock and here are the 5 songs from the A-side. On the B-side was a track by Earth, which just trudges on for so long that I couldn't be bothered to wait till it finished! Anyway, have a listen to the rest of it.

Velocity Girl - Creepy
Pond - Agatha
Dwarves - Underworld
The Walkabouts - Drag This River
The Fastbacks - All About Nothing


Andrew said...

thanks for those tunes - had stopped listening to indie so much by '93, going raving and that. so i hadn't heard any of these. great tracks esp the dwarves and the fasbacks.
cheers :)

Kieran said...

The cassette was actually given away with a mag called "Lime Lizard". Have the cassette at home myself- but the tape inside it snapped a few years ago. Great tunes! Even the Earth track...

Onion Terror said...

Ah right. Thanks Kieran, I'll change that then. I just assumed every free tape I got was from the NME.

caroline said...

I used to get limelizard magazine and I am trying to track another one of its free tapes.

I can't remember what the song titles were but the tape had 'kingmaker' and 'the blue aeroplanes' on it. I think the blue aeroplanes song had 'acceleration' somewhere in the lyrics. Just know I loved it at school and it is now lost! Juts going on a trip down memory lane...

Onion Terror said...

Hi Caroline,

I don't know about any other of their tapes, this is the only one I have. Have you searched on the web for its identity?
I don't have anything by the Blue Areoplanes, either, I'm afraid so I can't help you out with which song you are thinking of.

Anonymous said...

There was a tape on pretty much every issue for over a year (can't remember now). I have most issues from #2 as I used to design it.

Facebook: Ex Lime Lizard Magazine Group

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it lasted a year? I actually subscribed and I was probably one of few because I only got six issues before the magazine went into iquidation.

There was nothing with The Blue Aeroplanes or Kingmaker. The Sub Pop tape was the first followed by an RCA/BMG six tracker. Third was an untitled 11 tracker featuring anything from Sheep On Drugs to Dodgy. Fourth was The Sound Of Mob Culture - 11 tracks (Gallon Drunk, Pram, mambo Taxi etc) and fifth was Altered States Of America (12 tracks - Cop Shoot Cop, Come, Trumans water etc) Finally, we got Separated at Birth (8 tracks - Back To The Planet, Faith No More etc).

After that I got a letter - and for the first time in my life I was a creditor!!

Anonymous said...

funny, i used to work with the creator of lime lizard, she told me about that kurt thing. we worked together at cafe pasta in london. a really cool girl, we danced together to the stone roses "i am the resurrection" at her opening party for the mag. Was like '93 and "baggy" had just about broken into the souther english club scene, great times. funny thing is, she brought some american guy to the party who was a dead ringer for kurt cobain...;)

Anonymous said...

I've got the Blue Aeroplanes Lime Lizard tape you mention somewhere in my loft. The Blue Aeroplanes track was I think called Autumn Journal XIV, there was also a kingmaker tracck and one track by another band who name escapes me, but it might pale saints or pale fountains.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I used to have that 11-tracker you mentioned (Lime Lizard 2 or 3); I'm desperate to recover the tracks, but can only remember 4 of them:
sheep on drugs - motorbike
sunscreem - broken english
kinky machine - blue polythene
eugenius aka captain america - indian summer
dodgy - ?
Could anyone out there give me a list of the rest of the songs on the tape? I've tried to track it on the web with no joy.
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be, yeah?

Anonymous said...

Just added to Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/1938663