20 July 2007

Loveblobs and R.I.C on Marc Riley's show!

So, the other day here, the Loveblobs got 5 of their songs from 1992 finally played on the internet then yesterday on Radio 6, Marc Riley coincidentally played their Peel session from the same year! An amazing coincidence considering it's been 15 years since any of these songs were recorded. Of course, I had to inform the ex-Boy Lard about this and he read out my email. Now, other than JP, Mark and Lard were two of my favourite DJs and one of them mentioned me and this blog on his Brain Surgery show! You can probably imagine this excited me just a tad. Maybe you listened to the show. If not, you can listen to it again at the link below. The historic piece of broadcasting (for me anyway!) appears at 1 hour 37 mins into the show.

Listen to the show again here
And here is the tracklisting to be able to find the other songs.

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