08 May 2011

The Would Be's

From Irishrock.org, "Wonderful indie pop band formed in early 1989 by the three Finnegan brothers, evolving from an their earlier band called The Nobody’s. Another brother James Finnegan managed them and footed the bill for the recording and the first pressing of 250 copies of their debut single, released through Danceline Records. This single was famously championed by John Peel. It is more easily found as the UK pressing on Decoy. 17 year old singer Jilie McDonnell left the band shortly afterwards, replaced by Eileen Gogan. The band reformed in 2000 with a new singer Karen Cunningham."

I took notice of them as I thought it was amazing that a band that sounded this good could have such a young singer. I was only a couple of years older myself, at the time. Their stuff is hard to get now but I've got their singles compilation (Silly Songs for Cynical People) and Peel session (4 songs) which altogether make for a great 12 track album.

Download it here

I'm Hardly Ever Wrong: