27 June 2009

Number One Cup

This is the name of a fairly short lived band from Chicago. They were active between 1993 and 1999. The only song I knew of theirs was Divebomb, which is a great indie-pop number that would go down well at any good indie disco. I'd recommend them if you're into The Breeders, Pavement or The Flaming Lips.
As my account with fileden has reached the limit again and the other site I use for individual songs is not loading, I can point you to another web page which has links to the song mentioned as well as a few other tracks by them.

So click this and you can check them out. It's actually a page from the singer's website, which has more music and art to look through.

Also, here's a film I made with my girlfriend doing the filming. It's based on a poem by Jacques Prévert which I wrote some music for and made into the song.