15 November 2007

Kitchens of Distinction

KoD were from London and were together between 1986 and 1996. They released 4 albums but never really got too much coverage on the radio or in the music press. What got my attention was The Chart Show's Indie Chart, which had one of those 5 second clips of their single "Elephantine". As often, this was enough to know if I would like the songs. It had also proved useful, I remember, when I heard 5 seconds of The Stone Roses "Made of Stone" back when it was originally released in March 1989. That was enough to make me want to find out about the band.
Hence, the Kitchens of Distinction (named after a furniture company) became known to me and here are three of their songs which got lost in time but deserve a new hearing.

Quick As Rainbows
The Third Time We Opened The Capsule

Drive That Fast promotional video

08 November 2007

The Dog Faced Hermans

This is a Peel session from 1987 and has a kind of post-punk sound. The Dog Faced Hermans were from Scotland and became based in Amsterdam for a while before they finished in 1995. The first of these tracks is like a traditional Mexican/ punk piece, which has to be pretty unique! Anyway, give them a listen, they rock(ed).

DFHs - El Dogo Speaks
Malcolm Plays Housy Housy
Sure Up the Enemy