22 November 2009

Zouch - Suddenly (album preview)

This is my first album release, which is available on iTunes right now. The images you see are various paintings of mine.

Visit the new Zouch blog, too!

16 November 2009

Pink Fluffy Suicide - Tell Me

A song I wrote in 1990, recorded on a 4-track in 1993 with vocals and guitar and layered on bass and drums in 2009. Before now, I don't think anyone else has ever heard this song! (It never got used for the band.)

10 October 2009

My latest blog

As this blog is finished but I see that many people are still finding it, I'll take this chance to promote my latest project.
Full Online Films is where you can watch complete films online. It's a place to aggregate films that are scattered all over the web. Just visit it and you'll find out all the info, of course.
If you'd like to link to it on your blog or site, great. Let me know and I'll do the same for you.

And here's my cover of Pixies' Wave of Mutilation

23 September 2009

Morrissey interview 1985 part 2

This was requested when I posted the first part so this is the other side of the disc and it is the final recording that I will share with you.
Those of you who have followed this blog for a while will be aware that I have not enjoyed the fact that hardly anyone has thanked me for all the music I've transferred from cassettes, LPs and radio shows as well as having taken the time to upload them and find out information about the artists for you. Therefore, I've had enough and while I'm grateful to everyone who has left comments here, from the stat counter, I know this is a small minority of visitors. So if you want something for nothing in return from you, like a kind word of 'thanks', then go elsewhere; you don't deserve anything.
PS - If you can't download some of the songs from here anymore, it's because I've deleted them from the server.

Morrissey part 2

19 September 2009

McCarthy (and me)

Here's a video (sort of) that I put together using the lyrics and cover from the cassette of this album. I'd posted some McCarthy songs before but thought I'd show you this too. It has lyrics that are very relevant to society today even though it was released in 1990.

And this is another of my songs, an instrumental, with a simple video to accompany it on YT.
I'd appreciate any comments and ratings to be left on the YouTube pages. Cheers.

26 August 2009

Morrissey interview 1985

This is the first half of an interview recorded for Australian radio around the time of the release of "Meat Is Murder". It was released on a picture disc, which I bought ages ago. Whereas nowadays it would be easy to get hold of such things, back then it was quite a rarity to hear something from foreign radio.
Anyway, it's about 20 minutes long (this first part) and saved at 64kbps as it's only an interview. If enough people would like the other side posting, I'll record that, too.

Part 1 - download

27 June 2009

Number One Cup

This is the name of a fairly short lived band from Chicago. They were active between 1993 and 1999. The only song I knew of theirs was Divebomb, which is a great indie-pop number that would go down well at any good indie disco. I'd recommend them if you're into The Breeders, Pavement or The Flaming Lips.
As my account with fileden has reached the limit again and the other site I use for individual songs is not loading, I can point you to another web page which has links to the song mentioned as well as a few other tracks by them.

So click this and you can check them out. It's actually a page from the singer's website, which has more music and art to look through.

Also, here's a film I made with my girlfriend doing the filming. It's based on a poem by Jacques Prévert which I wrote some music for and made into the song.

29 January 2009

Pink Fluffy Suicide - Dream

A My Bloody Valentine-inspired song from 1990 that I still like, especially the guitar riff.
I only played this live once at our first gig (PFS was the band name).

Zouch - Tangled Up

An acoustic, bluesy type number from the "Suddenly" album, 2007.

15 January 2009

Zouch - Snooze

A song I wrote in summer 2007. A little indie-pop number.