23 September 2009

Morrissey interview 1985 part 2

This was requested when I posted the first part so this is the other side of the disc and it is the final recording that I will share with you.
Those of you who have followed this blog for a while will be aware that I have not enjoyed the fact that hardly anyone has thanked me for all the music I've transferred from cassettes, LPs and radio shows as well as having taken the time to upload them and find out information about the artists for you. Therefore, I've had enough and while I'm grateful to everyone who has left comments here, from the stat counter, I know this is a small minority of visitors. So if you want something for nothing in return from you, like a kind word of 'thanks', then go elsewhere; you don't deserve anything.
PS - If you can't download some of the songs from here anymore, it's because I've deleted them from the server.

Morrissey part 2

19 September 2009

McCarthy (and me)

Here's a video (sort of) that I put together using the lyrics and cover from the cassette of this album. I'd posted some McCarthy songs before but thought I'd show you this too. It has lyrics that are very relevant to society today even though it was released in 1990.

And this is another of my songs, an instrumental, with a simple video to accompany it on YT.
I'd appreciate any comments and ratings to be left on the YouTube pages. Cheers.