18 July 2007

The Loveblobs

I posted one of their songs near the start of this blog and since then, Colin Todd, from the band, has been in touch and sent me 5 album tracks. Here's his summary and a photo that he also sent me.

The Loveblobs were:
Paul Thorpe - Vocals/guitar
Tim Holdcroft - Guitar
Col Todd - Bass/vocals
Tim Cedar - Drums

We recorded 2 mini lps for Wiiija in 1992:
+ Extraction (Combined as Prehistoric Extraction on CD)

Here is a selection!

Soul Station (the other one was the Peel session version)
Cylinder Head

We also recorded a Peel session (IMO the best thing we ever did) but i've only got it on cassette!!!

So, thanks Col and let's hope that people are glad they heard the Loveblobs the second time around!

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filo4590 said...

I have both mini lp's and i love them.I play them at least once a week.Were they released on CD? Or have they ever been on any compilation? Fantastic sound they had.I was also into Silverfish at the time. No wonder i have tinnitus now, Ha Ha.