08 July 2007

Happy Flowers

I declare today the international Happy Flowers Day. Why? Well, these 2 guys made 'songs' that were quite unique. Yeah, they used guitars and drums but they made a hell of a noise! And the vocals? Well, imagine what it would be like to hear 2 completely screwed up children shouting about every problem they had over all the noise! I loved this band, who were probably only played on the John Peel show in Britain. They are from Virginia, USA and called themselves Mr. Anus and Mr. Horribly Charred Infant. I contacted the latter and he said it would be fine to put their tracks on here. Now, I have quite a few of them, some good quality audio, others reasonable. But here's a list of just some of my favourites.

Make the Cat Stop Talking to Me (maybe the first one I heard by them)
My Frisbee Went Under The Lawnmower
Left Behind
If It Was Broken, You'd Be Screaming
I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone
Mom, I Gave the Cat Some Acid
Let's Eat the Baby
and to finish, a live cover by my old band, Pink Fluffy Suicide, in 1992 of
Mom and Dad Like the Baby More Than Me
(That's me singing and playing the lead guitar)

Find out the whole story of the Happy Flowers here and hear 4 more songs


So It Goes said...

Your band sounded cool, though.

Onion Terror said...

Thanks very much. And also thanks for the first comment of this month... 17th of July...

Anonymous said...

the first peel show i ever heard had happy flowers in session (around 1990 i would guess) and i think i knew straight away i'd stumbled across something pretty special. anyone willing to play music like this had to have something going for them. and for this reason alone, and even though i never bought any of their records, happy flowers will always hold a special place for me...

mr trike