13 February 2008

Bloody Valentine's Day...

Don't worry, I'm not about to start moaning about the 14th of February. I just realised that as I was uploading some songs for today's post, there is an obvious connection with them and tomorrow's special day.
So! My Bloody Valentine are back together and due to be playing live in the UK this year and releasing a new record, 17 years after their last one. Well, instead of going back to their biggest period of time (1988 to 1991), we're going to have a listen to before and after this time. First of all, their first record was out in 1985 and if you listen to the song below, John will give you the info about it. It's not what you might expect from MBV if you like their stunning albums "Isn't Anything" and "Loveless". I'd say it was more influenced by bands like Bauhaus and The Birthday Party. I can't say I listen to it on a daily basis, but it's certainly worth hearing.
Then, when they finished touring in 1991, Kevin Shields of course, went in search of musical perfection (which he'd already achieved in my opinion) and was never satisfied enough with what he wrote and produced. The other members of the band got a bit sick of waiting and the bassist, Debbie Googe, decided to quit and form another band. This was Snowpony, who were only together for a short period and were kind of like an indie-supergroup, also with former members of Stereolab and Curve. I just have this one song from the radio (good sound quality, though) but I can't remember if it was from 1996 or 1998. Anyway, it's excellent, notably for the quality drumming.
I don't usually write such long posts. I think I'll have a lie down... Enjoy the songs!

My Bloody Valentine - The Love Gang
Snowpony - Come and Sit Here On Your Daddy's Knee

PS - Just before I lie down, I should add this bit before I forget about it...
I was thinking that it's a bad idea for artists to release an album where the first track is the previously released single. The reason being- most people will know it and like it already and it's probably quite easy to get into. I think it kind of makes the following songs not sound as good as they perhaps should. I thought about this while listening to The Flaming Lips. I love this band but two of their last three albums have this syndrome. Nirvana also did it with Nevermind of course. Can you think of other alternative acts that did this? An ex of mine would always judge an album by listening to the second song first. A good idea, I reckon...

08 February 2008

Something for the weekend, sir?

It's time for the third part of the Festive Fifty that never was. This collection is for numbers 30 to 21. You may know some of these songs but as we go into the top 20, there will be more obscure and rare songs.
And just while I think about it, this is not a Podcast. Why? Well, why the chuf should I call it that? Because it's the cool way of calling a recording of more than 5 minutes? You can listen to it on anything that plays mp3s... I don't have an iP*d and am never going to be reeled in by Apple's monopoly in the mp3 player market. They are overpriced and you can play mp3s with the same sound quality on pretty much any mp3 player. Mine has 20Gb of space but no 'cool' image quality rubbish and guess what... it was loads cheaper than an iP*d and the sound quality is just as good.
Is that enough moaning for now? Righty-o. Enjoy the "iFestive Fifty"... ;P

F50 no.s 30 to 21

PS - I've just remembered about the band Gumball, led by Don Fleming. Their music seems to be unavailable but does anyone have anything by them? I would especially like the song "39 Lashes" from their Peel session of 1991. Or any of those songs. Cheers.