30 May 2007

Tiger - Shining in the Wood (live)

I was a big fan of Tiger, although it seems they were a love or not-interested-in band. Their first album "My Puppet Pal" was out in 1996 and this song came before it as a single but didn't appear on the album. Unfortunately, they split up after releasing just 1 more album. I still like how energetic and happy their songs sound and I was always surprised that some people actually didn't like them.

Tiger live

The Nightblooms - 59#2

The Nightblooms were from Deventer in the Netherlands and released this song as part of a package of 2 A sided singles (I have number 492 ;)) in 1992. Peel played a few songs by them, which kind of mixed a twee sound with a shoegazing sound. This one is a good representation of them and they probably remain my favourite ever Dutch band... True, 2 Unlimited aren't really any competition for anything...

Listen to The Nightblooms

28 May 2007

Onion Terror - I Had a Dream

Well, having said I remembered this song, I decided to record a version of it as faithfully as I can remember it!
I also looked up Fish Karma and found it wasn't Black Francis but another guy who has recorded a few albums. You can find out more about him on his wikipedia page.
I've also now heard a sample of the song and it doesn't sound like the version I know so maybe someone else did record it, too.
Anyway, here's my version for you to listen to.
Sorry for my American accent! I'm actually English but as I said, it's my faithful rendition ;)

26 May 2007

The Loveblobs - Soul Station

This is a truly brilliant song. Early 90s again, I don't remember hearing other songs by them but they released an album called Congealed.

Listen to Soul Station

About copyrights

Hi, and welcome to my blog. First of all, I'd like to talk about copyrights of the songs which are linked to here. Most of the songs are more than 10 years old and didn't sell many copies when they were released. If you have an issue about whether they should be allowed to be downloaded, think about the fact that no money is being made from them here, they are linked to because I think they shouldn't have got lost in time and that people may be hearing them for the first time here.
However, if the song is being released in some way and you are currently earning revenue from this particular version then email me with proof and I'll remove it.
If you can't give me a good reason why they should be removed (and I'm talking ethically and morally here) then just let them be.