20 March 2011

Whatever happened to The Family Cat?

Sounds like a Grandaddy reference but it's actually about the above-mentioned band.
It's very hard to find their stuff these days but after buying some stuff online and tracking down songs that other peole have uploaded, I've put together an almost-discography but I know there are many other people out there who'd like to hear their old stuff again.
EDIT - I accidentally deleted all my music off my hard disk when I reformatted the wrong one! Luckily, I had most of it backed up on CDs but not the Family Cat stuff! So, instead, here is the link so that you can download most of their releases yourselves. It's all on rap1dsh4re and medi4fir3 so it'll take a while to get it all (an hour or so) but at least you won't miss out.

PS. I know I'd quit this blog a while back but this is too much to keep to myself.