29 August 2008

Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine cover)

I would like to show you my cover of this song that I just did and made a video for. It would be nice if you commented and rated it on YouTube. Thanks.

25 August 2008

Turn me on, dead man...

...is indeed a strange lyric but that formed the chorus of the title track of the last album by Beat Happening. This was a three-piece band from Washington state who mostly recorded on K Records. They were very minimalistic and lo-fi, not even using a bass guitar or anything more than a basic drum kit. However, their songwriting more than made up for this and came across well over the course of their five albums between 1985 and 1992. It was their last album "You Turn Me On" that I got to know of them and these three songs feature on it. The male singer, Calvin Johnson, sang in the baritone range and was the lead vocalist on most of the songs. I have included one that was sung by Heather Lewis to give you a flavour of her sung songs.
Beat Happening never announced a split and claimed to still rehearse once a month and they did release a single in 2000. Otherwise, nothing much has been heard about them in the last 16 years!

Beat Happening - Teenage Caveman
Pinebox Derby

Pinebox Derby video

19 August 2008


Now, this is a song I heard on the radio not too many years ago and after liking the start of it, I recorded the rest. I know absolutely nothing about the band except that, from the below YouTube clip, they played a gig recently... Anyway, I just found the song TK1 from YouTube without a video but that doesn't matter, I can share all of it with you. Does anyone know anything about them as it's a great, catchy indie-rock tune?

Twinkie - TK1

A crappy sound quality live version of the song.

12 August 2008

Superchunk live part 2

Sorry to keep you waiting. I wasn't trying to tease you by not posting this second part for a few days but I commented below that after a long fight with Windows, I had to reformat my hard disk so I was kind of de-internetificated for a few days. Anyway, I know there are some people who are waiting for this, so here's the second half. Again, I don't know the title of the one song, but I'm sure some of you will, so let us know when you identify it.

Tracklisting for part 2

  • Skip Steps 1&3
  • Mower
  • Let It Go
  • unknown title
Superchunk live part 2

Also, as I have a lot of live stuff from the radio, I've made another blog called Live Indie Classics.
This includes the live songs I've posted on this blog and will have other concerts by bands that are not necessarily rare but you might like to have anyway.

06 August 2008


Superchunk are a 4-piece indie rock band from North Carolina, USA. They formed in 1989 and I knew some of their music via Peel in the early 90s. I liked their songs as they were quite happy sounding and they kind of had their own sound, mainly due to the distinctive voice of the singer, Mac McCaughan. They are still going and have now released 14 albums, the most recent in 2004.
I'm only really knowledgeable of their first 3 albums, up to 1992. I have a recording from the radio of part of their Glastonbury 1993 set. The first half of it is here and if you are interested in having the rest, let me know and I'll upload it.

Tracklisting of part 1.

  • The Question is How Fast
  • Precision Auto
  • unknown title (if you know it, let me know)
  • Cast Iron

Superchunk live 25/6/93