26 April 2011

The Stone Roses live in 1995

Hi. Just a note to say I've put a concert on one of my other blogs, which I have posted on for ages. Click here to see it.
I don't know if any of you responded to my last post, but if you did, thanks for seeding part 2 of my mixtapes. I still don't have part 1, so please seed if you have it. Thanks a lot.

19 April 2011

A request :(

You may have seen that I deleted my disc with all my music on. I have now realised that I didn't back up my OT's John Peel mixtapes - volumes 1 and 2. If any of you have them, can you please seed them again as I put so much time into making those files and it is very sad to feel that I've lost them all again.
If you can help me with this, thanks a lot.

18 April 2011

Tiger - the singles part 1

This was a band, that, in my opinion, were very underrated. I have loved them since the first day I heard them but they only lasted two albums. Fortunately, for those of us who liked them, they released many other songs on their singles but they are impossible to buy now.
But, I've made a compilation of all the singles from the We Are Puppets album, which totals 15 songs. They have all the A and B sides of Shining in the Wood, Race, On the Rose and My Puppet Pal. So, it's like an extra album.
If anyone wants, I can upload the singles from the second album, too.
Download part 1 here
and here's the band performing My Puppet Pal live on TV.

10 April 2011

The Family Cat - Peel sessions

I feel like posting stuff on here again. Mainly because I have some stuff that isn't on sale anywhere or otherwise available and I feel it is my responsibility to share it.
So, following my Family Cat post recently, I told you I'd lost some of my music. I got some of it back from the link I gave you put their Peel sessions are very hard to find now. I have two of the three that they recorded (the first two) and a couple of extra tracks.
I'll leave it you you to find out what they are but there 10 songs altogether, including one song that was never released. There is an info text in the zip file, too.
So, click here to get it.
If anyone has their third Peel session, it would be great if you could upload it or send it to me and I can post it here as well. Thanks.

03 April 2011

A link (non-music)

Even though I added the link to this site in the links panel, I would like to put it here to be more noticeable.
It is for the site "The Hypothetical Government", which is about a new system of government. I think we can all agree that in the current times, we need something different than the 'old politics' and this offers something not far short of a revolution. There is also an ebook of it on Amazon, so I hope you are interested in taking a look.
Click to visit the site

Just so there is some music for you, here is a folder I put together for a friend a while back with a selection of Rare Indie Classics' songs. I can't remember what's on there now so I hope you enjoy the surprise!