26 September 2007

There's Something About Killdozer

And what might that be? Well, Killdozer were a pretty hardcore band from the USA who were together between 1983 and 1996 and played with the likes of the Butthole Surfers and Scratch Acid. I've included one of their songs, but mainly because of another song I heard by another band...
This was The Young Fresh Fellows, who have been together for 25 years but their song which caught my attention was called "My Boyfriend's in Killdozer". This surprised me for two reasons- 1. at the time (around the early 90s) it wasn't that common to mention things like that and 2. considering what kind of band Killdozer were, I wouldn't have really expected openness with homosexuality.
However, I don't know if it was actually true or just a joke between the bands. I couldn't care less anyway as any respectable person would agree but I still like the YFF's song.

Killdozer - King of Sex
The Young Fresh Fellows - My Boyfriend's in Killdozer

09 September 2007

Quickspace (Supersport)

Quickspace formed in 1994 in London. They were originally called Quickspace Supersport when John Peel started to play them. They have a connection with Th' Faith Healers through Tom Cullinan who writes most of the songs, sings and plays guitar. I got into them when I heard their single "Friend" and they also released one called "Rise" which was cool but the version below is from their Peel session. Another one I liked was on the C96 cassette from the NME. It was a version of their song "Song For Someone". The version I have unfortunately had to be cut short as it didn't fit onto the end of the tape I put it onto but I think it's the best version of the song (there is also a Song for the BBC).
It appears that Quickspace are still together. It's hard to find interinfo about them but they released a record as recently as 2005.

Rise (Peel)
Song For NME (2.25)

05 September 2007

Pixies - unheard remix

Hello everybody. It's my birthday today so I'd like to give you all (or at least Pixies' fans) a listen to another remix I did featuring many songs by the same band. I'm pretty happy with this and I hope you enjoy it, too! Please let me know.

*Link now removed*

02 September 2007

Madder Rose

Madder Rose were from New York and recorded melodic alternative music during the 1990s. Their most well-known song was probably "Swim", being their second single in 1993. They have been compared to the Velvet Underground, Lush and Juliana Hatfield.
These songs, which are live, features another track that made the Festive 50, that being "Car Song". Madder Rose split up in 1999.

Car Song
Lights Go Down

They also did a cover version of Sonic Youth's "Star Power", which, it has to be said, is an improvement on the otherwise fabulous Kim Gordon's vocals!

Star Power