07 October 2007

John Peel show 29/12/96 part 1

A rare treat for you today. I found another radio programme that isn't available anywhere on the net. This first part begins with the no.1 song from the 1996 Festive 50 and continues the show before leading onto possibly John's first show of 1997, which features a piece on black music in Britain. This file is 48:47 in length and is 33.5Mb at 96kbps.

You can download the first part here

*edit* I won't post the other half as none of it features indie music.
This is the playlist of part 1:

Kenickie - Come Out 2Nite
Aircut - Visual Attack
Broken Dog - Baby, I'm Lost Without You
The Fags - My Boyfriend Is A Janitor
Jerry McCain - That's What They Want
The Gentle People - World of Love
Midget - Diplomi Man
Midget - Kylie and Jason
XLNT - New Lang Syne

Black musicians in Britain programme
Black Star Liner
Crispy 3

Make sure you tune in on Thursday the 11th. It's John Peel Day and I'll have some special things for you, some of which no-one else in the world has. ;)


domestic empire said...

Bloody hell it's a good job I took a second look at the date on this one because it's one I don't have. In fact I have very little from the 1990's. I think that was the decade I had a social life!

So what's on the other half? I would really like to get my hands on the second part though please if it has anything to do with john.

Thanks again (",)

Onion Terror said...

The other half of the file is the continuation of the Black Music in Britain show. Whereas I have nothing against that, I didn't post it cause of its lack of relevance to this blog. If you really still want it, I can upload it temporarily for you.

domestic empire said...

Yes please I'd love to have a copy of that if it's no trouble Gary.

Thanks in advance (",)

domestic empire said...

Brilliant, thank you.