08 October 2007

John Peel Day treats

As promised, I have some special stuff for you in the memory of the best DJ of all time.
First up, a session track done by 'bis', obviously dedicated to Peely.
bis - We Love John Peel

Next, as John was a big fan of The Fall, someone had made a compilation mp3 of loads of times he mentioned them in his shows. I took some of them and made a mini Fall-mix track that I'd planned to do some time ago so I could sample JP onto it.
John Peel - Stuff From The Fall (2.43)

Then, as John was also a big fan of African music, I think it's time I included what is the best one I've heard. The only thing I know about it is that it was by UXB and appears to be a techno remix of African music, released around 1997. If anyone knows anything else about this, please let me know.
UXB - African techno

The next one that I made is called "Wrong Speed". All Peel fans know what this refers to and I took it from when he tried to play a track by Road Capelle in 1987.
John Peel - Wrong Speed (0.49)

And finally, we have a compilation of quotes from the great man himself, which I made from searching through about 20 hours of radio shows to make what I think is a great tribute to our musical mentor.
John Peel DJbites (5.05)

Viva John Peel!


domestic empire said...

When was the bis session? I have no memory of this one!

Onion Terror said...

That was from summer 1996. Luckily for you, I actually labelled that on my tape! You were probably out having a social life. ;)

domestic empire said...

Ah yes indeed those were the days.

Glastonbury Festival (sans mortgage), packed sweaty gigs, vinyl, cheap hi-fi, four tv channels (surely that's plenty), no computers, Teletext, wine, women & song, and everyone dancing in the streets!

Of course all of this was back when Ben Elton was funny and the CIA had yet to fully engage in their world-wide terror campaign and blame on next door. Oo-er bit of politics....etc, etc

We never 'ad it so good (",)

So It Goes said...

I've not been reading my friends' posts for a while (you're not the only victim) due to family commitments, so it was a real pleasure to discover these songs (yes I mean it).
I still listen to your Pixies mix that you did (I had fun trying to identify the tracks on it), so listening to your Peel mix was a requirement. Great fun and extremely well executed.
John once said that mentioning him in a song was a guaranteed way to get a session, and Bis obviously took that to heart!! (only one Festive Fifty track for them though...)

Onion Terror said...

Thanks for that, I'm glad you like it. Did you get the 7 Pixies songs then? Obvious ones being Gigantic, Debaser, Here Comes Your Man and La LA Love You.