08 November 2007

The Dog Faced Hermans

This is a Peel session from 1987 and has a kind of post-punk sound. The Dog Faced Hermans were from Scotland and became based in Amsterdam for a while before they finished in 1995. The first of these tracks is like a traditional Mexican/ punk piece, which has to be pretty unique! Anyway, give them a listen, they rock(ed).

DFHs - El Dogo Speaks
Malcolm Plays Housy Housy
Sure Up the Enemy


Anonymous said...

what albums are these tracks on? thanks!

Onion Terror said...

These songs were from their Peel session so not an album. Try doing a search. The info on Wikipedia doesn't give tracklists for their albums.

Adam Infanticide said...

wow! what a find. the dog faced hermans were wonderful.

Andy Moor said...

Andy here from DFH ....

the peel session was

El Doggo Speaks ( also on the 1st LP Humans Fly)
Malcolm plays Housie Housie ( alternative title to original which was Malcolm Rifkinds Privy ..but we couldnt use this as it was broadcast during the election

Shore Up the Enemy ( also alternative title to Shat on By Angels..which we could use because the BBC doesnt like swear words)

Balloon Girl ( also appears on 1st LP Humans Fly and in another version on a 7inch single with the song "Now Eat This "

Onion Terror said...

Hi Andy, always nice to hear from a band member. Thanks for the anecdotes and the spelling corrections!