09 September 2007

Quickspace (Supersport)

Quickspace formed in 1994 in London. They were originally called Quickspace Supersport when John Peel started to play them. They have a connection with Th' Faith Healers through Tom Cullinan who writes most of the songs, sings and plays guitar. I got into them when I heard their single "Friend" and they also released one called "Rise" which was cool but the version below is from their Peel session. Another one I liked was on the C96 cassette from the NME. It was a version of their song "Song For Someone". The version I have unfortunately had to be cut short as it didn't fit onto the end of the tape I put it onto but I think it's the best version of the song (there is also a Song for the BBC).
It appears that Quickspace are still together. It's hard to find interinfo about them but they released a record as recently as 2005.

Rise (Peel)
Song For NME (2.25)


zenbullets said...

Excellent choice, one of the most under-rated bands of the late 90s. What have they done recently though? I thought the'd split after the 'Death of Quickspace' album (circa 2000).

p.s. theres a free download of "They Shoot Horse Don't They" here: http://www.matadorrecords.com/mpeg/quickspace/shoot.mp3

Onion Terror said...

They've released a few singles since then but that was their last album to date.
See the discography here

So It Goes said...

Thanks buddy for posting this, 'Friend' is indeed a smashing. vibrant song.

Grimnir said...
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Grimnir said...

I have all 3 Peel Sessions by QS.
If anyone wants them drop me a mail via my Blog anytime.