05 September 2007

Pixies - unheard remix

Hello everybody. It's my birthday today so I'd like to give you all (or at least Pixies' fans) a listen to another remix I did featuring many songs by the same band. I'm pretty happy with this and I hope you enjoy it, too! Please let me know.

*Link now removed*


Ollie Onions said...

Happy Birthday!

Ollie Onions said...

Pretty cool. The sound quality was excellent.

Onion Terror said...

Thanks Ollie! (Are we related? :D)

So It Goes said...

Happy birthday mate. I have left comments to some of your other posts, did you read them? As usual, if you want people to leave comments, you have to tell them it's your birthday or something (well. it worked for me).

Onion Terror said...

Thanks, yes I read all the comments that come in. I don't get what you meant by the last sentence, considering that's why I put this post up!

So It Goes said...

Sorry, with hindsight what I said does seem a bit confusing. What I meant was that generally, when anybody (not just you) puts in their post that it's their birthday, the amount of comments rises sharply, in my experience. It was meant to be a sardonic comment on something we have both experienced: a total lack of interactivity and just a 'download and go' mentality. Therefore, sometimes one has to make such a fact known in order to get any reaction, it seems.
I apologise for unintentionally confusing you and hope this clears it up. Great remix, by the way. How did you put it together?

Onion Terror said...

Aha! That clears it up a bit!
Glad you like the remix. I simply cut parts out of various songs then time adusted them so they all fitted together then played around with them in an old music prog I have called Sonic Foundry's Acid Music, looping and repeating and so on.

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