06 September 2008


Gumball were a band that came into being around the time of the grunge era and even though they were a kind of indie-rock band with songs often based on guitar riffs, they didn't really sound quite so dirty as the bands over the other side of the States. They were from Washington D.C. and were led by Don Fleming who had already been in bands during the 80s such as The Velvet Monkeys.
Here are two of the songs from their Peel session from the 20th of August 1991. Thanks to Steve from Teenage Kicks who passed the songs on to me. I really like the first one for being based on a single riff repeated 39 times.
Gumball recorded 4 albums before their break-up in 1994 and Don Fleming went on to do various projects and producing.

39 Lashes
High or Low


RD said...

should also point out Gumball arose from the ashes of the mighty B.A.L.L. - who put out four fantastic albums on Shimmy Disc, with quasi-legendary Kramer on bass/production duties. "Bird" with the reproduction of the Beatles "Butcher" cover is probably the best album they did.

Onion Terror said...

Thanks for that. Always good to have more info.

So It Goes said...

You're welcome, buddy. Sorry I haven't been around lately...looks like you're still well and truly in the loop. Thank goodness!

Nik said...

don't worry about gumball, just go straight to B.A.L.L. simply some the best pop/rock to come out of the 80s. Trouble Doll is simply delicious!!