12 August 2008

Superchunk live part 2

Sorry to keep you waiting. I wasn't trying to tease you by not posting this second part for a few days but I commented below that after a long fight with Windows, I had to reformat my hard disk so I was kind of de-internetificated for a few days. Anyway, I know there are some people who are waiting for this, so here's the second half. Again, I don't know the title of the one song, but I'm sure some of you will, so let us know when you identify it.

Tracklisting for part 2

  • Skip Steps 1&3
  • Mower
  • Let It Go
  • unknown title
Superchunk live part 2

Also, as I have a lot of live stuff from the radio, I've made another blog called Live Indie Classics.
This includes the live songs I've posted on this blog and will have other concerts by bands that are not necessarily rare but you might like to have anyway.


Roni said...

Thank you for posting part 2!

The last song is "Seed Toss."

Onion Terror said...

You're welcome and thanks for the title. Mercury Rev now appear on the L.I.C. blog.