16 August 2011

A few links for you

This is my last post for a while as I'll be off doing some voluntary projects around the world.
These haven't been uploaded by me but are ones that I was glad to find.

The Jackofficers - Digital Dump is a weird album from Gibby Haines (Butthole Surfers and Al Jourgensen (Ministry, etc.). It's more electronic/ industrial that the BS's stuff but I think it's weirdness makes it an interesting listen.

The Becketts' 'Lust' EP is a good selection of indie rock. I posted one of their songs before and if you like British indie from around 1990, this is for you.

Here are two Ultra Vivid Scene albums: Joy was their 2nd album and Rev their 3rd and last.

The Blake Babies' Earwig is Julianna Hatfield's band. This is from 1989 (indie pop).

And lastly, the Loveblobs' Prehistoric Extraction is a compilation of their two EPs (indie rock).

I would also like to inform you of my books (ebooks) that I have on sale on Amazon. There is a work of fiction, a Spanish for beginners book, a children's story and my biggest work which is a new system of government.
Here is the link to the list for the UK
And on Amazon.com

So, all the best, I might not post on here again.

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