10 April 2011

The Family Cat - Peel sessions

I feel like posting stuff on here again. Mainly because I have some stuff that isn't on sale anywhere or otherwise available and I feel it is my responsibility to share it.
So, following my Family Cat post recently, I told you I'd lost some of my music. I got some of it back from the link I gave you put their Peel sessions are very hard to find now. I have two of the three that they recorded (the first two) and a couple of extra tracks.
I'll leave it you you to find out what they are but there 10 songs altogether, including one song that was never released. There is an info text in the zip file, too.
So, click here to get it.
If anyone has their third Peel session, it would be great if you could upload it or send it to me and I can post it here as well. Thanks.


mars said...

Thanks for this, I love TFC and now I love you

Onion Terror said...

You're welcome and I love you, too. :D