26 August 2009

Morrissey interview 1985

This is the first half of an interview recorded for Australian radio around the time of the release of "Meat Is Murder". It was released on a picture disc, which I bought ages ago. Whereas nowadays it would be easy to get hold of such things, back then it was quite a rarity to hear something from foreign radio.
Anyway, it's about 20 minutes long (this first part) and saved at 64kbps as it's only an interview. If enough people would like the other side posting, I'll record that, too.

Part 1 - download


c.o.m.p.e.i.l.e.r said...

yeah, plz post side b too! :-)
Thanx in advance!

Onion Terror said...

O.k. I'll take note of that and see if anyone else asks for it (that's how this blog works as many people already know).

T said...

Yes, please do post part two. Morrissey sounds particularly chipper.