29 May 2008

Expando Brain

Thanks to the people who have commented recently. It's time for a new post.
Expando Brain were from Boston, Mass., USA and recorded in the mid 80s. They had a raw, jangly, tense and almost disjointed sound which pays off well for me. I don't know much else about them to be honest but these two songs are pretty cool and offer something a bit different.

Expando Brain - Thyroid
Expando Brain - Get Even

And this fella has posted 3 other songs by them on his site if you like what you hear.


Chris said...

Hey Onion.

I posted on Expando Brain also.

I am glad to say I uploaded a different track from 'Mother of God'.

You can check out 'Metal' here if you want to hear it, just hit the red button near the top of the post (just audio playback, disease free listening):


Totally agree with your description, they had a super raw feeling to their music. A bar band that got around to recording an LP.

If your looking for ideas, how about 'Flipper'? There's a band you don't hear enough of. Or 'Suction' a group out of Australia. They burned white hot, then faded away.

Keep the faith man, somebody is reading.

Onion Terror said...

Hi Chris, thanks for that. I haven't heard of those two bands so I'll check them out. Thanks for the info!

Carl Freire said...

I knew a couple of the guys from Expando Brain. Guitarist Steve Smith went on to play with Salem 66; I'm pretty sure he's still playing with various people around Boston. Bassist Steve Davis, when not psychologizing, has been playing with various noise/punk bands around Los Angeles--mainly an outfit called DOG--and has his own label, Love Earth Music.


Ad said...

I thought these guys were the closest thing to Mission of Burma outside of Burma themselves. Fantastic, and many more songs on tape that were never released. I saw them many times. They also appear on the first Vacant Lot Records release, a 1987 compilation called "None Whatsoever." And I think Steve played with Salem 66 before, not, after Expando Brain.

Carl Freire said...

I'm not sure about the Salem 66/Expando Brain timing thing for Steve Smith. Like I said, I sorta knew him--through one of my best friends at college. Steve and the Expando drummer in fact came out to visit us one weekend in 1984 or 1985 as one or both were considering our college as prospective students. He went elsewhere, but post-college (and post-Expando) I used to see Steve around Harvard Square while he was doing time at Newbury Comics. That would be around 1987-88, and I'm pretty sure that's when he was doing his stint with Salem 66. Speaking of which, has any Salem 66 stuff come out on CD and, more importantly, been made currently available? More stuff lost to the mists of time . . . ?

Jeremy said...

Late to the game, but I have a expansive (first 2 or 3 releases, IIRC) Salem 66 comp CD, released on Homestead, I think.