13 January 2008

Tiger - live set

After posting a song by Tiger a while back, I had a request from Yoko Casionos for the live set by them that I have. As a reminder, Tiger were a band from the southeast of England and were active between 1996 and 1998. They were a great, different kind of indie pop band who didn't fit in with any style at the time (and still wouldn't and I like that way of thinking...)

I bought their first album "We Are Puppets" but had left the country when they released their second so I never got hold of a copy. However, this set, which was recorded between the two albums from the radio (so no crappy bootleg quality) features their later songs.
This also means that I can't give you the song titles (maybe Yoko knows them?) except for song number three which is called "Friends". The image is the CD single cover that I have of that song.
So, with no further ado, here are

Six live songs by Tiger


Yoko Casionos said...

What a thrill! Thank you so much for these. I will cherish this set forever and ever! And for those who'd like to know, the tracks are..

Bee Song
I Was A Rolling Stone
Soho Soul
Root Cage
Speak To Me


Onion Terror said...

Ah good, I'm glad to know I made someone happy. Thanks for the song titles, I would never have known.

Anonymous said...

This is great to hear and we have a link to you in a blog for people to come for a listen from Tiger my space.
Great stuff, Cheers.

Dominic said...

these songs are terrific. I miss tiger so much, i would have loved to has seen them live.

I also think that the second album is much better than the first

Onion Terror said...

Thanks for your comments, Anon and Dominic and thanks for the link.