30 August 2007


Loop were a British band, recording between 1987 and 1990, that tied in with the shoegazing and Jesus and Mary Chain style of indie rock. I only had their "Fade Out" album (1988), which these three tracks are from.
We can assume that they chose the name Loop because their songs all featured a looped section of music but they used them quite effectively to make good songs. Also, I guess that this album was called Fade Out as that's what all the songs do!

Black Sun
This is Where You End


Anonymous said...

loop are amazing. if you havn't heard there cover of mother sky (can) then you should definatly check it out... i dont know of any radio sessions they did but i would love to hear any if they exist. good work spreading the gospel.

Valencian Lisergic said...

I discovered Loop in the very days they were releasing their albums (and I've got their vynils, actually). I've recently started to rediscover them, and well, no words to describe it... They really were innovators!
Thanks for posting these three songs.

Onion Terror said...

Not at all! Always good to know when someone likes a post.

valencian lisergic said...

Following another thread elsewhere I found this: http://www.heavensend.org/news/index.html: an interesting reissue of Loop's works is coming.