03 June 2007

Alternative Classics Vol. 2

You might think "Why not list Vol. 1 first?" Well, I have no idea where that tape is or what was on it! But I have this one so this was what I put on, of songs from 1989 to 1990.

McCarthy - Governing Takes Brains
The Family Cat - Final Mistake
Birdland - Rage
Happy Mondays - Wrote For Luck
The House of Love - I Don't Know Why I Love You
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Between Planets
The Wedding Present - No
More Fiends - Vinyl Grind
James - Come Home
Cud - Only a Prawn in Whitby
The Family Cat - Tom Verlaine
The Pale Saints - Sight of You
Mudhoney - You Got It (Keep it Outta My Face)
James - Sit Down

Some of the songs I've already posted on here. Others are not so rare so they won't appear. The rest will appear at a later date.
Did anyone else ever make these kind of compilation tapes? If so, what did you put on them?


Jon said...

I made mixtapes just like this. in fact i had one which had most of these songs on it, plus a couple from the Snapdragons tape. Eerie.

Onion Terror said...

Hehe, funny. What other songs did you put on then? It seems like we probably like a lot of the same types of stuff. As I said some other time, if you can get more songs to me, I can add them to the blog.