28 May 2007

Onion Terror - I Had a Dream

Well, having said I remembered this song, I decided to record a version of it as faithfully as I can remember it!
I also looked up Fish Karma and found it wasn't Black Francis but another guy who has recorded a few albums. You can find out more about him on his wikipedia page.
I've also now heard a sample of the song and it doesn't sound like the version I know so maybe someone else did record it, too.
Anyway, here's my version for you to listen to.
Sorry for my American accent! I'm actually English but as I said, it's my faithful rendition ;)


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that I'm NOT Black Francis? Damn...I wish somebody had told me before.

Fish Karma

Onion Terror said...

Hey, is that really you, Fish?
I just remember it sounding like Black and at the time I presumed it was.
So, what do you reckon to my rendition? Decent enough? I hope so, as it's a great song.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 'tis I.
The rendition was amazing. I think that I should outsource all my singing to you, from now on.


Onion Terror said...

Oh, thanks! I'm glad you approve.
Well, if you have any songs you'd like me to sing on, send them to me!
Cheers Fish.